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Premium Freelance Writing Services For All Kinds of Projects

  • 100% Human-Written Content - NO AI

  • Experienced and Creative Writers

  • You Keep All the Rights to the Work

  • Affordable and Flexible Pricing

  • Fast Digital Delivery

Our Services


Blog & Article Writing

Do you have a new or existing blog? If so, you will need to publish new content regularly to optimize your blog for search engines and attract more organic traffic. Lee Writing Services can provide you with one-time or reoccurring blog posts written by human writers. 



Most public speakers need their speeches written for them in advance to memorize or read for their public speaking event. Lee Writing Services can write your important speech regarding any subject matter, such as business presentations, political rallies, eulogies, etc.


Book Writing

It has never been easier for individuals and businesses to self-publish books to their targeted audiences. All you need is a professional freelance writing company like Lee Writing Services to write the book content for you so that you can distribute it to your audience.


Screenplay & Script Writing

Screenplays and scripts are the blueprints of recorded or live media content, such as films, movies, television shows, YouTube videos, and commercials. Lee Writing Services can provide you with original scripts for your planned media projects.


Business Writing

Lee Writing Services can offer writing services for many critical business-related projects, such as business plans, proposals, SEO writing, profile writing, biography writing, copywriting, and more. 


Other Services

Lee Writing Services offers several other writing-related services, including editing, proofreading, formatting, and more! Learn more information about these additional services to see if any of them are right for you. 

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Teresa Harper, USA

Lee Writing Services has done several jobs for me, and I have always been pleased with the quality of work. Thanks!

Terry Okrusko, Canada

Very skilled at his craft and open to my suggestions in bringing my screenplay to life! Cant say enough!!

Craig Sampson, USA

Lee Writing Services did an excellent job in delivering the project on time with top quality service. Will use again in the near future.
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Russell Lee - Founder of Lee Writing Services

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